Livigno, our base town for riding in this area, considered to be one of the world capitals for mountain-biking, offers trails, structures and services suited to any kind of biker. Offering more than 3000km of trails in every direction you decide on going. Some trails take you all the way to Switzerland. Livigno is 1,816 metres (5,958 ft) above sea level with trails going as high as 3000m making it a perfect high altitude training ground for recreational and professional cyclists. Livigno is live little mountain town and a typical ski resort. There are many stores, bars and restaurants. Also there is a big pool and wellnes centre and many more places to keep you busy for the whole day.



There is no wrong time of the year to visit this area. Every season offers different unique experience. Either you are hiding from the sun during those hot summers or walking the frozen paths in the winter, you will surely enjoy it!


29.June-6.July 2019

7 nights, 8 days and 8 guided bike tours, up to 300km of mountain biking in a week, 1800-2800 above sea level riding, just two words sum it up – PURE FUN!! 

Why do they call it a MTB Tibet? Well you’ll see.. 😉

We were drawn to this place when we heard about 3200km of MTB trails but were a litle bit sceptic about the number… After a week over there the advertised data is mos def correct! There are trails leading in all directions making you hard to decide which route to take because they all promise astonishing riding experience. 

So our story goes like this. Three vans coming from different directions met up along the way and continued to Livigno. We were a large but compact group of 21 riders and guides. 6 Croats and 15 Slovenians. 

After a quick and comfortable 650km ride we finally reached or should I rather say climed our way up to Livigno 😉 The roads leading there from Brescia are breathtaking taking you by lake Isse into Switzeland and the climbing steeply twards Livigno (1800m) passing through the Forcola mountain pass at 2135 m above sea level. 

We got in to our accomodation quickly just to be on time for our first ride. Our licenced guide Matej from Slovenia planed a short ride for us just to get the feel of the area and strech our legs after that confortable many hour drive. The first impressions are stunning. 

Riding along the mountain trails above the town offering great views over the area. Those first climbs were a bit chalanging due to the high altitude. A lot of us felt a bit lightheaded a shortbreathed. But when you get home at a smaller altitude you can definetly feel the improvement after riding/training up high. No wonder we met a lot of proffesional riders up there training hard. After our meet and greet ride we headed to town for some Italian pizza and just went to get some well earned good night sleep.

 The town of Livigno offers everything you will need for a unforgetable week stay! 

A lots of bars, restaurants, shops. Its a popular ski resort type of town but also very popular in summer but not too crowded as in ski season. The climate is perfect for escaping hot summer weather back home. Summer day temperatures are around 20C. One morning it was 6C! Livigno is a tax free area so gas, alcohol, tobacco, parfumes, sunglasses are a lot cheaper then rest of the Europe or even Croatia. 1l of diesel is around 0,95€, 1l of Jack Danields whiskey around 16€. Bars and restaurants are not that cheep but you can still find pizza for 7€, beer for 4€..

 You can even find good deals on technical devices like Garmin, GoPro etc. Half of the group bought new Garmin devices for a good price. Garmin 1030 for 270€ and so 😉 There is a big wellnes centar, places like small beaches around the lake and the stream going through the centre of the town. Nothing better then lying down and getting some sun tan while surrounded by the high peaks of beautiful Dolomites. 

The tours.. 

Our guide Matej planed 8 tours in 8 days. All were in a range of 25-50km with altitude from 800-1600m a day (for advanced group even up to 3000m). We covered a lot of areas and peaks and got to know the whole area very well. Riding is 80% mountain trails, 15% gravel, 5% tarmac. All trails are regularly maintained which makes the ride perfectly smooth and safe!




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*Check out the average temperatures and climate data to prepare your clothes accordingly. Bread is crazy expensive so take a bread maker with you!