September, 2018

Plitvice, where do we even begin… So much beauty and so much to say about this fantasy land.

Croatia’s biggest and most popular national park which offers natures biggest treasures in form of waterfalls and series of 16 cedar cristal clear lakes arranged in cascades.

Plitvice lakes are a great one day trip option offering many possibilities depending on your liking. You can take a walk through the parks wooden waterway paths which run over the lakes and under the waterfalls or take a bike ride around the park overlooking the lakes from above.


There is no wrong time of the year to visit this area. Every season offers different unique experience. Either you are hiding from the sun during those hot summers or walking the frozen paths in the winter, you will surely enjoy it!

.Our story


Two-hour of joyful minivan drive from Zagreb to Plitvice whith a short photo-op stop at Rastoke village. After arriving to the Plitvice national park’s main entrance we start the tour that takes 6 – 8h. 

This was a small group of 4 people in September. The weather was warm and dry. (22C) First, we did a bike ride on the national parks panoramic roads and viewing points which show all the beauty of the park from above. This is the best way to experience the beauty of the lakes and waterfalls before descending to the water level. Some of the viewing points are right at the top of the waterfalls. It is always better to cycle in the morning here and do the walking part later because the park is usually more crowded during am hours.

Riding is mostly done on the tarmac roads on which motorised vehicles are not allowed to drive. It makes a ride stress-free and comfortable. There are some hills (700m altitude gain). Our route takes you through thick woods so cycling here even in the summer time is ok because you are mostly riding in the shade and the temperature doesn’t go over 27C. After riding for about 35km we leave our bikes and proceed on foot to the lakes taking a walk on the boardwalks that go all around the park.

When we enter here there is a fast food so you can grab something to eat and drink before proceeding by foot. From this point we take a walk to the most famous Big waterfall crossing several lakes and smaller waterfalls. After the lower lakes and the Big waterfall we take a electric boat ride that connects upper and lower levels and is included in the price. There are several options of walking tour distances that can take from 3-8h. Depending the group’s mood and tiredness we decide if we want to make a tour longer or shorter. This time we did a 4h walk covering lower and middle lakes.

Around 5pm we were finished with the tour and decided to go for a dinner in a great local restaurant near the west entrance where we left our bikes. There is a great small resort called Plitvice etno houses that offer wonderful typical Croatian specialities with even better vine selection. They have a small zoo for the kids and a medieval kid’s playground!

Well it was time to end our adventure and with a short drive we are back in Zagreb to our hotel for a good nigh sleep feeling satisfied about a day well spent.

What do others say about our tour:

“Our bike and walk tour to Plitvice was just amazing! Tomislav is a great guide and make everything to make the ride safe and fun. He met us at our hotel and started from there which made it very convinient. He adapted the route and the pace to our needs.
With this tour we visited parts of Plitvice we wouldnt be able to see in a different way. It as a perfect day!
Thanks Tomislav look forward to doing other tours with you in the future.”

Luis H.





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*Cycling in the park is not allowed but there are a lot of options for a great bike ride around the park. It is best to combine cycling and walking tour of the park